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garden scene from a bed and breakfast in northern California
Marco and Lisa kissing on Catalina Island


"A Love Project" was created by two people in love who enjoy traveling together to bed & breakfasts, finding a romantic adventure at every turn, and who wanted to hear from others who had also found their soul mates...

Here is a quick rundown of the above links:
First Things First will tell you a little more about us-
Your Turn is all about how to participate in a A Love Project (instructions)-
Locations is where you'll find all the bed & breakfasts we have visited or plan to visit-
For our Friends is a "shout-out" to some of the great folks we have met along the way- 

things to do with your soul mate #4,
have a secret just between the two of you...

things to do with your soul mate #5,
write a love letter or give love advice to others...